Pi-Hole in the Cloud


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Firstly, let me say this:


And by that I mean firewall that thing. I needed to run DNS servers to remove adverts from traffic.. ironic right when you run a site that relies on advertising for revenue? But the bandwidth we are protecting here is significant 80KB of html can become 1 or 2 megabytes of traffic along with hundreds of additional queries.

It would be ok for the most part if advertising was "tunneled", but its passed from supplier to sub supplier to sub sub supplier generating tracking images and various other bits that generate enormous amounts of dns traffic, get requests and post requests.

The first thing to remember is that DNS is fragile and unless you are google its going to be used in attacks against other targets on the internet.

As such its best to run internally or to run behind a firewall. As this is for 100's of clients it has to be on the cloud. And no I cannot run this on each of the premises.

I run two servers, from the same supplier but different datacenters.


You can see the volume of add traffic is 30% which is significant.